This is PINE

PINE was founded in 2017 by Martin Friedrich.

A trip to Vietnam got the wheel rolling. The diverse use of bamboo as raw material, enjoys a long tradition in Vietnam. This is how the first encounter with a bamboo bike came about.

The unusual combination of nature, traditional craftsmanship and technology aroused the desire to build a bicycle out of bamboo.

The initial hobby soon became a company in order to share the enthusiasm for bamboo bikes with others.

Since then, PINE has been developing innovative bamboo bicycles for all bicycle enthusiasts who are looking for the extraordinary and do not want to forego functionality and everyday suitability.

The Thuringian location of our manufactory and our own origins from the green heart of Germany, mostly covered with coniferous forests, gave PINE its name.

That’s what drives us:

  • Our demand for an aesthetically pleasing and functional design.
  • The use of the latest bicycle technologies.
  • The responsible use of raw materials.
  • The sustainability of manufacturing.
  • The value of traditional craftsmanship with fair working conditions.
  • The best service for our customers.