Craftsmanship meets bike technology

All PINE bikes are manufactured in close cooperation with our partner in Vietnam in up to 50 hours of careful manual work by professional craftsmen and then assembled in Germany, Thuringia.


Each frame model is shaped by many years of experience and the expertise of our partners in Vietnam. In a lively exchange of ideas, the concept is continuously refined and optimized. The frames are then designed in a 3D construction program.


Once the final design has been determined, an FEM calculation is carried out via computer simulation, which shows the load at all points on the frame. This results in the strength of the bamboo tubes and the material strength of the connections, which is also designed with a safety factor.



The bamboo is carbonized through a special process in conjunction with gentle heating. This prevents cracking, fungal attack, damage from insects and guarantees the stability and durability of the frames.


On the basis of the construction data, suitable pipes are selected from the bamboo store, cut to the frame size and prepared for the frame gauge.


The bamboo tubes are fixed with the aluminum or steel parts such as bottom bracket and dropouts in the frame gauge and stapled together with resin. The exact geometry of the frame is maintained with a high level of repeatability.


The connecting elements are wrapped with hemp fibers and soaked with resin. This creates a stable frame with shock-absorbing properties.

Fine tuning

The dried connections are roughly sanded, refilled with resin if necessary and, after drying again, finely sanded to their final dimensions.


In the penultimate step, the frame receives its final color and varnish and is polished again.

Put to the test

The finished frames are subjected to a material fatigue test at regular intervals in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN 14764 and ISO 4210 standards and have already received the ISO 4210 quality certificate from an independent testing institute.

Now the bamboo frames are ready for transport to Germany.

Assembly and quality control

Once in Germany, we check every bamboo frame for its integrity.

And it remains handmade – the assembly and final quality control take place in our factory in Zella-Mehlis. Here we combine the traditional natural material bamboo with the finest bicycle technology to offer you an extraordinary riding experience.