How much does a PINE bamboo frame weigh?

Depending on the type and size, our frames weigh approx. 2 kg - 3 kg. Since bamboo is a natural product, even identical models are subject to slight fluctuations in weight. The weight of a complete bike is between 9 kg and 14 kg, depending on the model and components.

Where does the bamboo for PINE bamboo frames comes from?

Most of the bamboo for our frames comes from the immediate vicinity of our partner workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, where it grows wild and lush.

How to store / care for a bamboo bike correctly?

The frames are multi-layered PU-lacquered and have, in addition to the already very hard surface of the bamboo, shock and water-resistant properties. Special care is not necessary, but we recommend that you store your bamboo bike as dry as possible, or that you do not store wet / damp bikes for a longer period of time in order to avoid mold formation. Bamboo is still a natural product! The maintenance is the same as that of a normal bicycle. Bearings, connections and screws should be checked regularly and, if necessary, tightened according to specifications.

Is there a guarantee / warranty?

We give a 2 year guarantee on the frame. This includes frame breakage or large cracks, smaller cracks are repaired. The guarantee does not cover damage caused by improper use, overuse or mold formation due to e.g. incorrect storage or improper maintenance.

You can find more information about the warranty conditions in our terms and conditions.

Can PINE bikes be customized?

None of the offered frame sizes fit you or you would like your bamboo bike with individual equipment and frame geometry? Contact us.