Premium Bamboo Bikes

Urban bikes made of bamboo.

Handmade and unique.

Natural strengths

It is its natural properties that make bamboo the ideal material for frame construction. Bamboo is light and has a dense cell structure, which makes it elastic and stable at the same time.

We build on that. For example with connectors made from hemp fibers. They increase durability and suspension ensuring that you are always comfortable on the move.

More durable less boring

Our bamboo bicycles are designed for the long term use. We do not simply want to use an environmentally friendly material. We also place great value on sustainability with durable components from well-known manufacturers.

Theres’s more: We use weather-resistant “Tam Vong” bamboo, also known as “iron bamboo”, for our bamboo frames. Standardized stress tests ensure stability and durability. Thanks to the additional PU coating all PINE bikes are well protected against wind, rain and dirt.

Statement bikes with an understatement

The design of the our bamboo bikes is modern and clear. Internally routed cables and seamless transitions between the bamboo tubes create an elegant and minimalist look. The natural varnish is the perfect finishing touch for the timeless design language of the PINE Premium Bamboo Bikes.


Our Production

Handmade in Vietnam.

Assembled in Germany.


Contact and support

We support you with the purchase, find the model that suits you and answer all your questions.

Benefits of bamboo

Learn more about bamboo and its benefits for nature, people and frame building.


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